Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Notice

Welcome all ye water and rock loving geologers, naturalists, outdoor nerds and such to this elegant "blog" depicting life as a student of Earth (and sometimes Mars...) The purpose of this blog is to account for the natural beauty of our glorious planet, to observe and report the phenomenon that make this rock the best place in the universe to live; and much, much more.

The meaning behind the title dates back to the Spring of 2006, just before a joint field trip between a Mineralogy and Water Resources class at Oneonta State in Southern NY. Realizing something had been forgotten in his office, Dr. Devin Castendyk, from here on out to be referred to simply as Devin, was unlocking the door to his office, smiling and saying to himself, 

"Water and the same time.." 

Those words, witnessed by myself and fellow undergrad hard-rock aficionado Mike DeVasto, come to life here in this humble post, which will concentrate on the local geology of wherever I find myself traveling to in my up-and-coming "real life". 

So enjoy it.You never know when it's all going to be gone. If you read this post, please realize your inside, and nothing you can ever get from this will ever account for a simple suprise moment in the wilderness, coming across a great mineral intrusion, or jumping a whitetail doe and faun from a quiet, seemingly quiet swamp. Read on, play on, live on.

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