Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Break in the Nothingness of Water n Rocks'... winter

So in case you couldn't tell, I got into UB. I received a digital acceptance last week, but the final hard copy came in the mail today.

This is my second acceptance letter I've received overall (two out of three aint bad!) and both have come in a small envelope. This scared me originally in my Oneonta acceptance, as I was led to believe (via movies and such) that acceptance came in big beautiful 9"x11" manilla packets, or in boxes with hats, scarves and whatever college-labeled flair they can recruit you with. It's become obvious that either A) I'm just not that great a candidate, but just good enough to get in or; B) even colleges are cutting back on recruiting or persuasive techniques.

Anyways, I'll be in Buffalo this fall, unfortunately, without a project at this point. I got in on MA rather than MS basis, which isn't what I wanted, but will do for now. My plan is to get into an MS by semester #3, if not, I'll do the research my damned self. I've done it before.


I've also extended an invitation to Joey from Oneonta/Port Jervis, NY to contribute to the blog. "Rock Doctor Aucoin" has created his own series of websites and such, so it seems like he's out for the time being. Tony is still here and looking for that magical glacier.


My plans until grad school in August right now are jumbled. I'd love to get to GSA NE/SE in Baltimore, but right now it seems unlikely. I might start planning some summer camping/geology trips this summer, before asshole decides to shut down every park in the State. If this really goes through, I might spend my summer defended New Yorker's rights to access our beautiful land.



April (BooksandWine) said...


Also, I agree Patterson is an asshole.

Roy said...

Yay! Passholterson!

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Magical Glacier progress report: