Saturday, May 2, 2009

Into the Woods - 5-1-09

So the department picnic came along at it's expected time this Friday, and seeing as I choose not to bring the Jeep down to college, I decided, along with Aucoin, to hike our way up to College Camp and back, hoping (yes, hoping) to run ourselves into a refreshing rain shower or too. On the way up, while the weather remained warm enough to break a clean sweat, we stayed dry and took our fair share of photographs, practicing for the western trip coming up in...25 days or so.

Well it's about time, this one took me about 20 minutes to center in the page, but we're good now. This shot is with the macro lens at leaf layer level. I tried to get a nice near-and-far images, and it seems to have worked out well for my meager Samsung Point-and-Shoot.

Here's a nice backlit macro shot of some very plentiful tree flowers along the way, I'll look up the species soon and edit the post with the info.

Glamour shot.

One of the ones I like the best out of the day, we got lucky enough to get some great lighting through the red pine plantation right near the camp.

Another good one here, at the same location as the birch picture from above. In this case it was just a typical point-and-shoot shot for Panaramio in GoogleEarth of the Red Trail

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