Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Go baseflow go!

Due to the current state of the economy and the current job, I do not have the funds or time to conduct elaborate experiments at the time being. So for now, try to enjoy a series of extremely amateur mini experiments!

I was reading the paper the other day and saw an article stating there was a possibility of some flooding. I was able to scrap up some petty cash (no joke) and purchased a cheap rain gauge. I was able to rig it up to the door of the dog cage in my backyard like so:

After returning 24 hours later, it yielded ~4.4cm of rainfall for the previous night.

The opening to the gauge has a total 2.54cm(sq) surface area for a total of 4.4cm of rainfall per 2.54cm of surface area. This amount of rainfall for a 24 hour window in a much larger space plus baseflow from higher elevations and still melting snow would definitely cause some amounts of flooding....alike so:


Roy said...

Ahh, you beat me to posting today. Guess the Silurian will have to wait until tomorrow.

Where/when are the pictures from?

grimey said...

Monday and Tuesday. Probably shoulda activated the timestamp on my camera.

I was driving to work on Tuesday and saw all this flooding along Route 7 in Otsego county. The pictures aren't quality cause I was driving and snapping at the same time.