Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who wants to help on a little project?

I just finished reading The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. Short of writing a full review at this time, I'll just say this - it was amazing, and something every nature fan, natural scientist, angered youth or disgruntled conservationist should read. I mean it. I'll even lend out my own copy. Absolutely mandatory read.

On to the plan. No, I do not plan on blowing up the Glen Canyon National Sewage Lagoon Dam. What I'd like to do is grab a few maps of Arizona and of course, Utah; and retrace George Washington Hayduke's journey through the lands. Being somewhat familiar with the country, I did so already while reading the book. I got through most of Southern Utah without a problem, but will need to consult some maps to complete it all.

Anyone else interested?


grimey said...

If you write me a note to my boss which allows me to do this at work, I will.

Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty awesome. I'd help, but ever since we went to the Mojave desert in February Joe has had my copy of the book..