Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally starting to notice?

This morning I fired up my email account to see a new USGS Release waiting for me.

"USGS To Award $4 Million in Earthquake Research Grants"

Hmm. Maybe it's about time. Inhabitants of our planet are starting to take notice. In this short calendar year, we have seen quite a few devestating seismic events hitting populated area and regions proximal to high population centres. Along with the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, the science of geology is becoming more and more a part of everyone's lives.

Take a look at your TV guide when you get a chance. Over the past few years, National Geographic, Discovery and Science Channel have produced many a show pertaining to geologic phenomena, but only now are we beginning to see repeated shows, marathons, and even geologists themselves narrating said programs.

Of particular commonality, I believe I have seen Iain Stewart's How The Earth Was Made series, and volcanologist Guy de Saint Cyr, host of On The Volcanoes of the World. For the record, I recommend both of these programs. On The Volcanoes..., however, is much more adventure-themed, rather than teaching-themed, but you may be able to see some things you never have before.

It is a bit troubling that tragedies such as Haiti, Chile, and most recently the Qinghai quake of China; are what it takes for seismic hazards to be noticed.

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Ron Schott said...

The USGS funds earthquake research like this every year. This may be the first time you've seen this type of announcement of it, but it's not new.