Monday, April 26, 2010

Shameless attempt to stay active in the geo-community

Since I have a meager full time job an hour away, I dont have time to go hunting for fossils like rockmaster Ruuy does (uber jealousy). I sometimes work 11 hours a day, often six days straight. On my days off, I coach a youth soccer club (crossing fingers for a 8-0-0 season). Anyways, I read a book awhile ago written by Jack Horner, Professor of Paleontology at Montana State University and from the sounds of it, God 2.0. The title of the book is "How to build a dinosaur." I suggest going out and buying this book. Its yummy.

Horner and his author-sidekick James Gorman, after explaining the idea behind the book, describe in detail the vast paleontological digs they took part in. The Hell Creek formation in Montana is a hotbed for dinosaur fossils (jealousy meter rising again). Later in the book, Horner begins to propose his hypothesis on hatching a modern day dinosaur using chicken DNA. Horner compiles the physical similarities between chickens and ancient dinosaurs and further supplements it with similar traits in their chemical and genetic makeups.

I'll leave the actual book review to Good Books and Wine, but Horner does infuse a good amount of humor into a potentially dry topic. He also dumbs down the writing so non-rockology readers can understand the concept. It was a good read.

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